The USA RCA Dimensia with SCART (Video)

Join Thomas and I as we travel across SC to acquire a special television – the RCA Dimensia is a TV with the SCART video/audio connection interface. SCART has a legacy of being high quality for game consoles, but it was only used overseas. However, the Dimensia line of high-end RCA equipment had a connector with the same pinout as Euro-SCART, meaning it is possibly the only TV in North America capable of natively facilitating enhanced graphical fidelity on our older consoles (in 60 hz).

Attaching a 5v Fan to a PS1 (Video)


Come join Thomas and I as we walk through the process of adding a small 5v fan to the original PlayStation. The PS1, and especially the 1001 models, have a heat problem. AC power runs through the supply regardless of whether the console is on or not, meaning power is turned into heat and wasted. Furthermore, the heat buildup is enough to warp the disc assembly on early models making games unreadable.

Many forums have toyed with the solution of adding a fan to the console, but none have actually done it. We made a short film about adding the fan, and additionally adding a lamp cord to eliminate wasted power altogether.